Harvest Days staff

Event Steward

Lady Kathryn le Wrytar (Kathy Hall) - Email
3107 Beavercreek Ohio
(937) 204-5204

Deputy Event Steward

Lady Beatrice of Darkwater (Molly Anderson) - Email

Gate Keeper

Master Dafydd Blaidd (Dave Majors) - Email
(937) 271 6507
Positions are available for volunteers to help with gate keeping. Please contact by email.

Royalty Liaison

Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage (Laura Hume)
30 Telford Ave., Dayton OH 45419
(937) 681-0050

Marshal in Charge


Marshal in Charge of Chivalry


Rapier Marshal


Archery Marshal

Lady Bertrande Fresneau (Kristen Allen-Vogel) - Email
(937) 901-8119

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Mistress Mary Garret of Seasalter (Mary Dahlberg) - Email
(937) 335-3057

Arts & Sciences Coordinator

Jerusha a'Leon (Johnna Garcia Strommel)

Herald's point coordinator

Marjorie de ffeyrefeld (Tina Smith)

Youth Activities Coordinator

(Annie Michaelsson) - Email

Youth Combat Coordinator


Merchant Coordinator


Lunch Coordinator

Orn Askelsson (Michael Klefas)

Volunteer Steward

Hergeirr Olafson (Brandon Wood) - Email
(513) 593-3697

Lodging Steward


Site Liaison

Master Dafydd Blaidd (Dave Majors) - Email
(937) 271-6507