Harvest Days staff

Event Steward

Lady Kathryn le Wrytar (Kathy Burden) - Email
3107 Beavercreek Ohio
(937) 204-5204

Deputy Event Steward

Baron Orn Askelsson (Michael Klefas) - Email

Gate Keeper

Cailin mac Aunghuis (Lee Highfield) - Email
Positions are available for volunteers to help with gate keeping. Please contact by email.

Royalty Liaison

Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage (Laura Hume)
30 Telford Ave., Dayton OH 45419
(937) 681-0050

Marshal in Charge

Sir Lothar Nachtshatten (Anton Kinzel) - Email
(317) 748-7448

Rapier Marshal

staff - Email

Archery Marshal

Mako (David Caron) - Email

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Mistress Mary Garrett of Seasalter (Mary Dahlberg) - Email
(937) 335-3057

Arts & Sciences Coordinator

Fiadnata O Gleann Alainn (Carol Reed) - Email

Youth A&S Coordinator

Kashka (Karen McInturff) - Email

Herald's point coordinator

Marjorie de ffeyrefeld (Tina Smith) - Email

Youth Combat Coordinator


Merchant Coordinator

Ainthbine Hergeirskona (Patricia Wood ) - Email

Lunch Coordinator

Jerusha a'Laon (Johanna Garcia Stomel) - Email

Volunteer Steward

Hergeirr Olafson (Brandon Wood) - Email
(513) 593-3697

Site Liaison and Coding Steward

Master Dafydd Blaidd (Dave Majors) - Email
(937) 271-6507

Hound Coursing

Giuliana Lucia Solari (Julie Minor)