Harvest Days staff

Event Steward

Lady Elena MacPhearson (Brenda McPherson) - Email

Gate Keeper

Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage (Laura Hunt Hume) - Email
30 Telford Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45419
937-681-0050 (no calls after 10pm, please)
Positions are available for volunteers to help with gate keeping. Please contact by email.

Head Cook/Chef

THL Zophia Boreka (Jennifer Marshal) - Email
If you plan to purchase feast, please contact NO LATER THAN August 31 with any food allergies.

Marshal in Charge

Lord Gilchryst MacPhearson (Doyle McPherson) - Email

ToC Coordinator

Sir Boris Movilla (Scott Bradley) - Email

Marchal of Fence

Lord Marcos De Ribera (Patrick Theobald) - Email

Arts & Sciences Coordinator

THL Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn (Carol Reed) - Email
937-219-3967 (6:00 - 9:30 PM, please!)

Archery Marshal

Lord Richard le Fournier (Rusty Fredette) - Email

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Lord Orn Askelson (Michael Klefas) - Email

Herald in Charge

Galin Ridleye (Gregory Reeder) - Email

Youth Coordinator

THL Elizabethe Alles (Ashley Smith) - Email

Youth Combat Coordinator

Lord Duncan McAlp (Scott Wymer)

Merchant Coordinator

Lady Elizabeta Alegreza Foseari (Sarah Hines) - Email
9929 Old Stage Rd. Waynesville, Ohio 45068
937-974-5907 (no calls after 10pm)
There is no charge for merchanting but there is a $25 deposit that will be refunded if the space is cleaned up and vacated before 12:00 pm Eastern on Sunday. Interested merchants should have their deposits to Lady Elizabeta by September 1st.

Royalty Liaison

Lady Aldis Siguroardottir (Audrey O'Hara) - Email

Parking Coordinator


Lunch Coordinator

Baroness Cathryn of Chester (Anne Berdanier) - Email

Chirurgeon in Charge

Baroness Cathryn of Chester (Anne Berdanier) - Email

Site Liaison

Baron Dafydd Blaidd (Dave Majors) - Email
(937) 271-6507

Website Maintainer

Master Lancelin Peregrinus (Grant Root) - Email