Tentative Event Schedule

Time Item Category Location
Fri Sep 8, 2017
06:00 PM Site opens Event Troll
11:00 PM Troll Closes Event Troll
Sat Sep 9, 2017
08:00 AM Troll reopens Event Troll
09:30 AM Rapier Inspections and Authorizations Fencing Fencing List
10:00 AM Heavy List Opens/Authorizations Armored Combat Main List Field
10:00 AM Youth point opens Youth Activities Youth Point
11:30 AM Lunch Tavern (11:30am - 1:00pm) Feast Lodge
12:00 PM Archery Range Closes for lunch Archery Archery Field
03:00 PM Troll Closes Event Troll
04:00 PM Archery Range closes Archery Archery Field
04:00 PM Youth point closes Youth Activities Youth Point
04:30 PM Fencing List Closes Fencing Fencing List
05:00 PM Heavy List Closes Armored Combat Main List Field
05:30 PM Court Court Main List Field
07:00 PM Dancing Revelry Lodge
Sun Sep 10, 2017
12:00 PM Site Closes Event Troll

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Tournament of Chivalry
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