Harvest Days Feast and Lunch

Lunch Tavern

Lunch will be available on site between 11:30am and 1:00pm under the porch area of the main hall.

We are planning to grill burgers and brats (with a veggie option) to be served with chips, drink, fruit, desert, and drink. Cost is by donation only as this is a fund raiser for Box 21 Emergency Support Services who are providing the first aid coverage for the event.

If you are willing to assist with transportation, food prep (all on site that morning), or serving please contact the Lunch Tavern Coordinator.

Lunch Tavern Coordinator - Baroness Cathryn of Chester


A feast will be held in the Lodge. It is scheduled for after Royal court -- tentatively at 6:00pm.

On Table

1st Course

2nd Course

3rd Course

To Drink

Ingredients and recipes

Head Cook/Chef for the feast is THL Zophia Boreka