Arts & Sciences Activities

Artisans Area

This year, there will be an Artisans Area, where all who might be interested can come and share their talents with their fellow craftsmen. Any and all are welcome to this enclave, and it is to be hoped that those like-minded folk will join together to bring excitement and energy.

A&S Classes

At one end of the Artisans Area, we will have a Pavilion of Knowledge, for the teaching of individual classes. After each class, the participants are invited to join the Artisans Area gathering, and continue the discussions with their fellow craftsmen. The schedule for classes is thus:

Arts and Sciences Class Schedule
Sat Sep 6, 2014
10:00 AM Fun with Personas A&S Lady Kateryn Draper
10:00 AM SCAbominations A&S Mistress Alizaundre de Brebeuf
11:00 AM Intro to Blackwork Embroidery A&S Lady Elisabeth Lynnea Fairchild
11:00 AM Practical Headdress for Women A&S THL Edyth Miller
12:00 PM Finding Your Mosaic Muse with Color and Pattern A&S Lady Elizabeta Alegreza Foscari
12:00 PM Olive Oil Lamp Making A&S Lady Thalia Baroncelli
12:30 PM How to raise a child in the SCA (without losing your mind) A&S THL Gwynnen Mynngrud
12:30 PM The Basics of Bead Stringing A&S Lady Elizabeta Alegreza Foscari
01:00 PM Fiber Preparation for Spinning A&S Kateline Eliot, CW, APF
02:00 PM Beginning Inkle Weaving Class A&S Kateline Eliot, CW, APF
02:00 PM Trompe L\'Oeil and Black Hours Illumination Class (hands on) A&S Samirah Bint Tahir
03:00 PM Intro to Early Rus Clothing A&S Dovoryanka Kashka Mokosheva
03:00 PM Knotwork Tutorial A&S Lord Rolin Thurmundson of the Three Households

Norse Encampment

Furder Strandi will be setting up a Norse encampment up behind the fighting field at Harvest Days as long as the weather cooperates (that is, no heavy rains on Friday or Sunday due to the limitations for driving on the grass per site rules — in which case we will do a modified day set up). We have permission to do a dedicated encampment with an area for live steel demonstrations (non-contact only) and offer classes within our encampment. If you wish to join us or you would like a class on a specific topic/would like to teach an ~10th C. subject, please contact Cathryn of Chester (see Chirurgeon's details) directly prior to the event!

First Attempt A&S Competition

A & S Coordinator - Lady Elizabeta Alegreza Foseari