Arts & Sciences Activities

Artisans Area

This year, there will be an Artisans Area, where all who might be interested can come and share their talents with their fellow craftsmen. Any and all are welcome to this enclave, and it is to be hoped that those like-minded folk will join together to bring excitement and energy.

A&S Classes

At one end of the Artisans Area, we will have a Pavilion of Knowledge, for the teaching of individual classes. After each class, the participants are invited to join the Artisans Area gathering, and continue the discussions with their fellow craftsmen. The schedule for classes is thus:

Arts & Sciences Class Schedule

Sat Sep 12, 2015
10:00 AM Sandcasting by Lord Camlan Wallace Lodge A demonstration and discussion about how Sand Casting is done, how to build your own Casting Frame, and the Period composition of Casting Powder. Based on an article by the instructor which can be found at Duration: 1 hour
10:30 AM Beginning Knotwork Tutorial by Rolin Thurmundsson of the Three Households Lodge This tutorial covers basic interlacing techniques, simple border and panel construction, analysis of existing patterns, interlaced corners, more advanced patterns (such as doubled knots), and provides links to other, advanced sources for your further research. This tutorial should be considered introductory in nature, and assumes no experience in Celtic art or design; just a fascination with it! It does not cover what I would call art or design as such (I do not feel I am qualified to teach in those areas), but is more technical in nature. Techniques from this tutorial can be (and have been) applied to both hand drawn and computer-constructed designs. The techniques described in this tutorial did not originate with me. I only use the techniques in my work, felt that they were not well-enough known, and hoped that the class (and the associated web site tutorial) would help them gain wider appreciation. The class is based on my tutorial site: Duration: 1 hour
10:30 AM The Dressmakers Workshop: Seam Finishing by THL Edyth Miller Lodge Finishing your garment seams by hand is one of the best ways to create a long-lasting piece and add an authentic touch. In this class, we\\\'ll do hands-on sewing to learn the flat-fell seam finishing technique, and look at how to finish a neckline using an attached facing. Sewing materials will be available, but if you have your own scissors and hand-sewing needles, it might be good to bring them. Duration: 1 hour
12:30 PM Beginning Bobbin Lace by THL Allegra Ginevra Soave di Napoli Lodge A beginning bobbin lace class for those that have not made lace before or who are just starting out. We will talk briefly about the history of bobbin lace, but the majority of the class will be spent teaching the basic stitches and letting people try out lace making. Experienced lacers are invited to bring their pillows and work on their projects in class. Duration: 1 hour
01:00 PM Bow Making Demo by Lord Ulf-unni The Unborn Artisans Area A presentation on bow making from stave to stringing. Duration: 1.5 hours
01:00 PM Roman Wire and Bead Jewelry by THL Elizabethe Alles Lodge This hands-on class will examine Roman jewelry artifacts that can be recreated using simple materials and tools. The cost is $10 for a kit to make necklace and earrings. Ten kits are available, however, auditors welcome. Students must be able to safely use wire cutters and are ncouraged to bring round nose/rosary pliers and wire cutters. Duration: 2 hours
01:00 PM The Dressmakers Workshop: Buttonholes by THL Edyth Miller Lodge Creating hand-sewn button holes on your garments is a great way to add a medieval touch. We\'ll start by creating a self-stuffed fabric button, then create a buttonhole for it. We\'ll keep practicing together as long as we have time. I\'ll have materials on hand, but if you have your own sharp fabric scissors and hand-sewing needles, you may want to bring them. Duration: 1 hour
03:00 PM Arrow Fletching Demo by Lord Ulf-unni The Unborn Artisans Area A presentation on all things arrow-fletching. Duration: 1.5 hours
03:00 PM Dance by THL Allegra Ginevra Soave di Napoli Lodge Come get ready to participate in the dancing after feast with a bit of a refresher on various period dances. Duration: 1 hour

A&S Competitions

Baronial Scroll Competition - Populace Choice

Scribes from one Barony will prepare blank award scroll for a different Barony:

Judged by the populace via a token count (ending at 3pm). Vote tokens will be available at the A&S competition area in the Lodge.

Minimal documentation is required:

Best Faction Heraldic Display in Any Medium

Judged by the presiding nobility (who may not compete).

Minimal documentation is required:

A & S Coordinator - THL Orianna Morgan of Ely

A & S Competition Coordinator - Aldis Trondelag