Arts & Sciences Activities

Artisans Area

This year, there will be an Artisans Area, where all who might be interested can come and share their talents with their fellow craftsmen. Any and all are welcome to this enclave, and it is to be hoped that those like-minded folk will join together to bring excitement and energy.

A&S Classes

At one end of the Artisans Area, we will have a Pavilion of Knowledge, for the teaching of individual classes. After each class, the participants are invited to join the Artisans Area gathering, and continue the discussions with their fellow craftsmen. The schedule for classes is thus:

Arts & Sciences Class Schedule

A&S Competitions

Baronial Scroll Competition - Populace Choice

Scribes from one Barony will prepare blank award scroll for a different Barony:

Judged by the populace via a token count (ending at 3pm). Vote tokens will be available at the A&S competition area in the Lodge.

Minimal documentation is required:

Best Faction Heraldic Display in Any Medium

Judged by the presiding nobility (who may not compete).

Minimal documentation is required:

A & S Coordinator - TBD

A & S Competition Coordinator -