Arts & Sciences Activities

Artisans Area

This year, there will be an Artisans Area, where all who might be interested can come and share their talents with their fellow craftsmen. Any and all are welcome to this enclave, and it is to be hoped that those like-minded folk will join together to bring excitement and energy.

A&S Classes

At one end of the Artisans Area, we will have a Pavilion of Knowledge, for the teaching of individual classes. After each class, the participants are invited to join the Artisans Area gathering, and continue the discussions with their fellow craftsmen. The schedule for classes is thus:

Arts and Sciences class schedule
Sat Sep 7, 2013
10:00 AM Basic Medieval Limp Binding (Milady Andi of the Fences) Artisans Area Using recycled garment leather, we will make a small book suitable for a journal or prayer book. The binding style dates from the late 14th Century through the beginning of the 16th century. Class limit of 15. Ages 12 and up.
11:00 AM Tablet Weaving for Beginners (Countess Tessa of Wight Tablet) Artisans Area Participants will learn the basics of getting started on a small loom and will be given time to weave some trim on their own. A handout and materials will be provided, no fees. Class limit of 5.
01:00 PM Sewing Garb By Hand (THL Edyth Miller) Artisans Area With just a handful of simple sewing techniques, you can not only enhance the authenticity of machine-sewed items, but even have the skills needed to sew your garb entirely by hand (and make it last!). I'll cover simple stitch types, seam finishing, making eyelets & buttonholes, making fabric buttons, and if there is time, finger-loop braiding dress laces. No class limit.
02:00 PM Rings on Their Fingers: Making Medieval Wire Rings (THL Elizabethe Alles) Artisans Area Learn to make simple medieval jewelry with supplies and tools you can get at your local craft store. Participants must be able to safely use wirecutters. Supply fee covers the handout and wire. The instructor will provide a limited number of tools. Participants who would like to bring their own tools should bring a ring mandrel, needlenose pliers, and flushcutters. $1 Class fee for handout and materials.
03:00 PM Grooming, Medieval style (Donna Heodez Sofonisba de Talento Minotto) Artisans Area Want to enhance your SCA experience? Try period grooming products. This class allows you to sample a variety of grooming products from various period sources. $3 Class fee for handout and materials.
03:00 PM Knotwork Tutorial (Lord Rolin Thurmundsson of the Three Households) Lodge This tutorial covers basic interlacing techniques, simple border and panel construction, analysis of existing patterns, interlaced corners, more advanced patterns (such as \\\"doubled\\\" knots), and provides links to other, advanced sources for your further research. This material should be considered introductory in nature, and no experience in Celtic art or design assumed; just a fascination with it! Students should bring basic drawing materials, if possible -- a graph-paper pad and pencil is sufficient, or blank paper and pencil will do. Some graph paper will be available. The class is based on this tutorial site:

Craftspersons Faire

We are also honored, this year, to host the South Oaken Craftspersons Faire.

Artisans and Craftspersons of South Oaken:
The Regional Craftspersons Faire needs YOU!

Come Display Your Finest Works

  • First Attempts
  • Works in Progress
  • Skill Progressions
  • Latest Research and
  • SCA-Specific Marvels of Convenience
in a non-competitive, non-judgmental venue for the pleasure and education of all! Be you Novice or Master, be it Armor or Stained Glass, bring it to the Craftspersons Faire and show All and Sundry what Great and Talented People Dwell Within the Region of South Oaken.

Norse Encampment

Furder Strandi will be setting up a Norse encampment up behind the fighting field at Harvest Days as long as the weather cooperates (that is, no heavy rains on Friday or Sunday due to the limitations for driving on the grass per site rules — in which case we will do a modified day set up). We have permission to do a dedicated encampment with an area for live steel demonstrations (non-contact only) and offer classes within our encampment. If you wish to join us or you would like a class on a specific topic/would like to teach an ~10th C. subject, please contact Cathryn of Chester (see Chirurgeon's details) directly prior to the event!


We are a 16th century Italian mprovisational troupe (Commedia d'ell arte). This is a type of improvisational street theatre, which would have been performed in the marketplaces of the Italian city states. The scenario is that of 2 teenagers who fall in love with each other, but the parents dislike each other. Enter a stranger from another town who agrees to help the young man. But when he meets the young lady, he decides to woo the daughter himself. with the help of their clever (and not so clever) servants. A happy ending is guaranteed for all.

A & S Coordinator - THL Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn