Please join us September 11-13, A.S. XLX as the Marche of Winged Hills proudly hosts

The Battle of Five Armies

Come join us as the forces of the Baronies of Flaming Gryphon, Middle Marches, Brendoken, and Red Spears battle to protect their lands from the forces of Duke Edmund of Lozengia. The Duke claims to possess a document granting him sovereignty over lands currently held in fief from the Crown by the Barons. This disagreement over points of law will be settled, and bragging rights awarded, during this very special Battle of Five Armies at Harvest Days. All comers can enjoy heavy and rapier combat, archery competitions, a populace choice A&S competition, classes, youth activities, and a feast cooked outdoors. And, yes, the Tavern Brawl is on!


Indian Hills 4-H Camp
& Conference Center
8212 West Lauver Road
Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359


Site opens Friday, September 11h at 6 p.m., and closes Sunday, September 13th at noon.


Battle of Five Armies martial activities, Feast and Baronial Courts, Rapier, Archery, Youth Combat, Populace Choice A&S Competitions, A&S Classes, Shopping, Dancing and MORE!


If the weather is wet either the Friday or Saturday, you will not be allow to drive onto the field for any reason. If needed, you should bring a wagon to help haul your equipment to whereever you will be using it.