Greetings to all and welcome!

Please join us September 5th-7th as the Marche of Winged Hills proudly hosts

TRM Cameron & Amalie's Tournament of Chivalry at our Harvest Days


Indian Hills 4-H Camp
& Conference Center
8212 West Lauver Road
Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359


Site opens Friday, September 5th at 6 p.m., and closes Sunday, September 7th at noon.

Activities include:

Tournament of Chivalry, the RETURN of the traditional, all-out TAVERN BRAWL, Rapier, Archery, Youth Combat, the South Oaken Regional Craftsperson's Faire, A&S Classe I Scandali, Feast, Shopping, Dancing, and MORE!


If the weather is wet either the Friday or Saturday, you will not be allow to drive onto the field for any reason. If needed, you should bring a wagon to help haul your equipment to whereever you will be using it.

Tavern Brawl 1999 Tavern Brawl 1999 Tavern Brawl 1999