Rules for Participation Contest

Your site token is your passport for the day! Keep it close for two ways to win. Fill your passport to be eligible to enter into the prize drawing for nice prizes. Collect extra points (to a max of 3 for any one area) during the day* to win the participation competition (there will be one youth and one adult prize awarded for this category).

You must complete one task from each area to be entered in the drawing:

* To earn extra points, you can not duplicate any person (other than a teacher) in the same category, specific activity, or specialty/office to learn about. So: You can play more than one game but it can not be the same game. You can dance more than one dance but it can not be the same dance to count. You can take more than one class on a similar subject, but a class can't count for two areas at once (like a dance class is one dance or one class), and the Specialist can't sign for more than one of those areas nor can you double the specialty/office - you will have to find a new person *with* a different specialty.