Classes at the Winged Hills Collegium

The complete class schedule is now available!

Intro to Scribal — Lady Thalia Baroncelli
Beginning scribal - what you need to start, a cheap and easy lightbox, dos and don'ts, etiquette for scribes, using the Ames lettering guide, period cheats to use with photoshop
Heat Treating Steel for Knives and Swords — Sir Marcus Von Westphal
The class is designed to be an overview of the heat treating process with a focus on techniques used in the treatment of blades. I plan to cover some basic history, heat treating terms and science, the materials and equipment used, (including simplified techniques and homemade alternatives) as well as troubleshooting and methods for correcting common problems. A handout will be provided.
Don't Fear the Crowns — Master Lancelin Peregrinus
In this class for newcomers or anyone who needs to brush up on etiquette, we will discuss how to recognize, treat and address royalty (and others). We'll also cover what to do if called up in court, customary feast manners, etc.
How to be a Useful Local Pursuivant — Master Lancelin Peregrinus
Whether you are brand new to being a herald, or are just not feeling excited about the job you're doing, this is the class for you. We'll talk about how you can be truly useful to both your local group and the College of Heralds, and help you fire up some passion for heraldry!
Fool-Proof Medieval Sauces — Master Edouard Halidai
The equipment used in medieval European kitchens did not allow for precise control of cooking time, temperature, or even quantities. This class demonstrates how sauces were made using bread as a thickener, and how this technique makes it almost impossible to foul things up.
The Magical Choux Paste — THL Aasa Sorensdotter
Cream Puffs? Yes, they are period! Come learn how breaking every rule you may know about pastry-making results in magical, fill-able bubbles. We'll make and bake them in the morning, and fill them for dessert in the afternoon.
Beginning Stitches and Embroidery / Making Bag Edges / Shisha Embroidery with Mirrors — Lady Isra al-Zarqa and Lady Penelope
Hands on, a take-home bag will be provided to work with during the class. Donations will be accepted.
Beginning Bobbin Lace — THL Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
Lace has been called fabric poetry. Who knew it could be so much fun to make, too? This is a beginner's bobbin lace class for those that haven't made lace before or who are just starting out. We will talk briefly about the history of bobbin lace, but the majority of the class will be spent learning and trying out the basic stitches. Experienced lacers are invited to bring their pillows and stop by with their lace!
European Dance — THL Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
Let's have some fun and learn a few of the popular dances done in the Barony. The actual dances taught will depend on how many people come to the class but could include English Country, Bransles, Reels, Progression dances, Posties Jig (of course), and others.
Tablet Weaving for Youth — Lady Melinda del Feld
Gaming for Youth — Baroness Cathryn of Chester
Pretzel Making — Lady Tilla the Chandler
This class is a chance to come and try your hand at rolling out pretzels. Come for all two hours to learn to mix the dough, or just 20 minutes to roll out the dough and place on the baking tray. No fee, but donations are welcome.
Spinning for Youth — Mistress Alizaundra de Brebeuf
We have wool, and rocks and sticks to make take-home spindles.
Seven Dishes From One Chicken — Mistress Alizaundra de Brebeuf
Two soups, two pies, two warners (disguised foods) and one savoury from a single chicken. Based on my "Rob Peter to Feed Paul" and "Warners" articles, available online. Class limit of 6. You will be working in pairs.
How to Be a Royalty Retainer — Mistress Alizaundra de Brebeuf
How to care for your nobles (baron, prince and king level) before, during, and after events. Handout available.
Waste-Free Garment Cutting — Mistress Alizaundra de Brebeuf
Hand-spun, hand-woven, hand-dyed — they didn't waste a single thread, and you don't have to. We cover the most efficient cutting layouts of the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, and Renaissance. Come prepared to take notes!
Medieval Limp Bindings — Andi Fasimpaur
Using recycled garment leather, we will make a small blank book suitable for a journal or note book. Surviving examples are most common from the late 14th Century through the beginning of the 16th century, the technique can, however be documented as early as the beginning of the 13th century. Class limit of 10. Ages 15 and up.
Oriental Sewn Binding for Youth — Andi Fasimpaur
Participants will make a small book using techniques dating back to 14th century China, Korea and Japan.
Thrown Weapons Theory — Lord Orn Askelsson, Master James Cunningham
Arthurian Legends — Lady Kateryn Draper
We've all heard of King Arthur and his knights. But what stories did those in medieval England hear? Come find out about the legends of the Court of King Arthur as they were known in England in the Middle Ages.
Late-Period Yoga — Lalleshwari Sah
Gentle yoga based on sitting postures and working with the breath and hand movements. Based on the 15th century Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Suitable for all abilities.
Apples the Saucy Way (Youth) — Lady Shamirah Rae Linacre
Making applesauce from scratch, with a bit of history thrown in. We plan to make enough applesauce to allow each student to have a serving AND enough to make the dessert in the "Let Them Eat Cake!" class. Limited to eight students, ages 9-15.
Let Them Eat Cake! (Youth) — Lady Shamirah Rae Linacre
Using the applesauce made earlier in the day to make a simple dessert which will be served at feast. If time permits, an extra cake will be available for students to sample. Limited to eight students, ages 9-15.
Butter Making for Youth — Baroness Cathryn of Chester
Turning cream into butter, to be used for the pot-luck supper.
Candlemaking for Youth — Baroness Cathryn of Chester
Make a candle and pottery candlestick. For children 6 and older.
The Transition Gown: From Burgundian to Tudor Dress Styles — Lady Genevieve de Mirabelle
This class will examine the dramatic shift and wide variety in dress styles for women in Northern Europe from 1480-1520. This theory based class will compare art work and plausible patterns for this rich and often overlooked short period in fashion history.
Lucet Basics — Lady Elena MacPhearson
This portable cord-making device has been around since the Viking Age. During this one hour class you will learn both the "turn" and "no turn" methods as well as using one or more colors. If you have any lucets and/or supplies, please bring them with you. However, if you do not, have no fear — loaners will be provided. Let's get our cord on!
Manners — THL Orianna Morgan of Ely
Intended for new comers to the SCA, but all are welcome. I will discuss some of the available period literature on manners and what was expected of lords and ladies. I will also provide some hints for proper manners at SCA events.
The Eura Dress — THL Orianna Morgan of Ely
A discussion of the Eura Dress, an 11th century find from a grave in Finland. After a brief overview of the location of the find, I will discuss specific elements of the dress to include the jewelry, spiral decorations, apron, dress elements and tablet-woven bands and belt. I will also discuss the uniquely Finnish elements of this particular dress and other finds in Finland. I will bring my own recreation of the dress for examination and help for the discussion.