Classes at the Winged Hills Collegium

A class schedule is now available!

One- and Two-Hour Classes

Unless noted, all classes are one hour.

Hand Pies and Pastys

Alizaundre de Brebeuf

Good, cheap, and beloved, pastries intended to be eaten without utensils go back to Imperial Rome. Through time the crust recipes and the contents changed, but there are few better ways to get a lot of good food into a lot of people on a little budget. Come learn tips, tricks, and what not to do.

Optional small handout: $0.50

2 hours

Beginning Bobbin Lace / Lace-In

Allegra Ginevra Soave di Napoli

This is a beginner's bobbin lace class for those that haven't made lace before or who are just starting out. We will talk briefly about the history of bobbin lace, but the majority of the class will be spent teaching the basic stitches and letting people try out lace making. Experienced lacers are invited to bring their pillows and work on their projects in class.

Limit: 3 people to try lace at a time, but people are welcome to come to observe.

2 hours

Dance Class

Allegra Ginevra Soave di Napoli

A basic run-through of several of the popular dances done in the Barony. The actual dances taught will depend on the number of dancers but could include English Country, Bransles, Reels, Progression dances, Posties Jig (of course), and others.

2 hours

Period Oil Lamps

Bainard Grey

Cheap, safe, period: A class on the history of oil lamps and how to make your own to light your camp. Class fee if you want to make your own: $5 includes everything you need to make your own lamp in class to take home.

Make and Take: Nalbinding Needle

Bianca di Michaleto

Learn how to carve your own nalbinding needle from wood. All supplies provided but if you have a knife you are comfortable using for carving, it is recommended you bring it.

Limit of six people. No fee.

2 hours

Melee 101: Things That New Fighters Need to Know

Sarjent Boldewyn Rhienholt

This class is targeted toward rattan fighters with little or no larger melee experience. It is a classroom setting that will cover all the items that you are expected to know on the melee field and some basic "survival" skills.

The Economical Spanish Tailor

Costanca Daguiar

A tour of later 16th c. Spanish women's fashion, followed by a tutorial on making a specific set of clothes. Includes authentic Spanish tailor's patterns that show you how to make the garments out of less than 3 yards of fabric.

Introduction to Blackwork Embroidery

Elisabeth Fairchild

This class will provide a brief history on blackwork embroidery, provide a starter's kit for each student to have, be shown various patterns (both historically documented and non-historically documented), and be taught how to do this style of reversible embroidery.

Short Sword Strategy and Advantages

Geneviefve de Chenonceaux

This fencing class will cover different advantages of using shorts swords of varying lengths (20" - 32") and strategies to maximize these advantages. We will discuss how to use short swords for different body types as well as how to play both range and leverage games with your opponent. The second half of the class will be open for discussion and questions.

Grey to Goods: Textile Finishing Techniques

Gillian de Chyviot

When a handwoven comes off the loom, it is not fabric yet. We will explore wet finishing techniques including cold mangling, fulling, hot pressing and brushing. If time allows, we may have a walk-in waulking.

2 hours

Nalbinding and Sprang - History and Uses

Gytha Arnarsdottir / Cathryn of Chester

An introduction to two of the types of alternate fibre manipulations used as a form of fabric in the Viking era. Note - this will be a discussion and introduction class. No actual nalbinding will occur here -- that occur later in the day in the Fiber Playpen.

Anglo Norse Kit Discussion

Gytha Arnarsdottir / Cathryn of Chester, Talymar gan Llwynn and Melisande de Marmande

The ins and outs of Saxon and Viking kits in terms of choices for class, culture, location, and time frame. Includes brief overviews for colour, fabric types, weaves, patterning and construction. 2 hours, no fee, no limit, no prereqs. Feel free to bring assorted pieces of your kit if you want to show them or ask questions about them.

2 hours

Sweets to Delight and Refresh

Isra alZarqa

Baklava and Turkish Delight are not the only wonderful desserts of the Middle East. Come, learn how to make Nammura, also called Basbousa. Sekanjabin is a traditional sugar-based syrup, flavored with mint, that is cut with ice-cold water to make delightful drinks to slake the thirstiest people in the desert. Come and enjoy!

2 hours

Fun with Personas

Kateryn Draper

A brief overview of what personas are and why we have them, and then activities to help people play in persona. If you don't have a persona, one will be appointed to you for the duration of the class.

Indian Folk Dance

Lalleshwari Sah

Learn folk dance from southern and northern India. All movements are slow and gentle.

Don't Fear the Crowns

Lancelin Peregrinus

In this class for newcomers or anyone who needs to brush up on etiquette, we will discuss how to recognize, treat and address royalty (and others). We'll also cover what to do if called up in court, customary feast manners, etc.

Congratulations, You're the Seneschal!

Lancelin Peregrinus & Meadhbh ni Bhriain

If you've just become your local branch's Seneschal, or have been doing it a little while and are looking to "up your game", this is the class for you. Experienced Seneschals are invited to sit in and trade ideas as well. With some lecture and some group discussion, we'll try to bring out some fresh ideas for everyone doing this important job.

Axes and Atlatls and Knives, O My!

Mary Garrett, Eirik the Elder & Orn Askelson

A short discussion about Thrown Weapons with Orn, Eirik and Mary: your local marshals. Topics to be covered include range etiquette, types of weapons, and care of weapons.

Anglo Saxon Embroidery

Melisande de Marmande

This class will cover the scant historical and archeological evidence of Anglo-Saxon embroidery, as well as its materials, techniques and designs. The intent is to supply information to create appropriate embroidery for 7th-11th century clothing Materials will be provided to practice techniques.

Scribal Efficiency

Moll Sotherden

Geared for scribes, please come armed with a pencil and ruler if you're a calligrapher. Suitable for both calligraphy and illumination folks. Art is how I make my living, so if any of these tips to "work smarter, not harder" work for you, great! If every scribe within our kingdom were just a little bit faster think how many more fabulous scrolls we could make in the same amount of time!

Glass Fusing

Moll Sotherden

This class covers terms and processes in glass fusing. Then you get to make a cool piece that you can pick up at the end of the day. People looking for more "in-depth" info about glass fusing are encouraged to hang out and ask questions after the kiln is filled. Pick up your piece at the end of the day.

Open to anyone 10 and up (although children under 16 should be supervised by a parent or responsible adult)

Cost is $1 per fused piece to cover supplies. If the class has low turnout, people can make more than one piece.

Seneschals' Meet & Greet

Phillip the Pilgrim

Come meet your fellow seneschals in the Barony and the region. Let's compare notes and get to know each other better. Maybe someone has a suggestion to help you with a local situation.

Basic Food Safety for the Beginning Feast Steward

Sven of Havenholde

We will cover basic food safety in the feast kitchen: keeping foods at their correct temperature, how to avoid cross-contamination, and considerations for food allergies and sensitivities. There will be an emphasis on developing an awareness of time and temperature as you prepare and present your feast.

Life in the Mead Hall

Talymar gan Llwynn

Come learn about the activities in the typical 10th century Viking mead hall!

Recreating Sutton Hoo

Talymar gan Llwynn

Come learn about Sutton Hoo and how the pieces that have been found might have been created.

OMG, My Child Grew Since I Made Her Garb: How To Make Children's Garb Last Longer Than One Event

Tilla the Chandler

I will have tips and ideas on how to make your child's garb last more then a season. I will have samples of garb, pictures, patterns and if you need it (and we have time), I will help with a basic pattern. This is not just for small children, I have added a section for teenagers and their unique challenges.

Chainmail Jewelry

Toly Woodsman

We will be teaching the spiral pattern for chain mail. Rings will provided and some pliers will be available for people to work with. (If you have suitable pliers, you may want to bring 2 small pair so that there are plenty to go around.

2 hours

All Day Activities

Come visit these areas at any point during the day.

Games Room: with Persona Games Consulting Table

Brusten de Bearsul, called Boarsbane

Come join Master Brusten in the Games Room. He will have a Consulting Table there, where you can tell him about your persona, and he will teach you games your persona would have played during long evenings by the fire.

GryphonShawl Fiber Playpen

Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn

Come join the members of the GryphonShawl Fiber Guild in their fiber playpen. They will have all sorts of fiber-related activities available for you to try: spinning, weaving, lace-making, fiber-preparation, and whatever else you might be interested in. Join us as we discuss the fiber activities possible for this coming year.

Heraldic Consultation & Discussion Table

Lancelin Peregrinus et al

Work on your device and name. Heraldic submission forms and many resources will be available.

Gryphon Quills Scribal Playroom

Thalia Baroncelli

Come join the Gryphon Quills Scribal group in their playroom. Try your hand at different hands, and see how easy calligraphy and illumination can be.