Classes at the Winged Hills Collegium

A class schedule is now available!

All Day Activities

Come visit these areas at any point during the day.

GryphonShawl Fiber Playpen

Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, etc.

Come join the GryphonShawl FIber group in the Lobby, where they will stash their fiber toys, and play between classes. Feel free to come over and try out some of the toys, and see what all we have brought along to play.

Heraldic Consultation & Discussion Table

Lancelin Peregrinus et al

Work on your device and name. Heraldic submission forms and many resources will be available.

Gryphon Quills Scribal Playpen

Soffya von Kulpe

Come join the Gryphon Quills Scribal group in their playroom. Try your hand at different hands, and see how easy calligraphy and illumination can be.

One- and Two-Hour Classes

Unless noted, all classes are one hour.

Conversational Old English

Isolde de la Ramée

10:30-11:30, Meeting Room 1

Have you ever wanted to visit Anglo-Saxon England, but were afraid you'd get lost on the way to the battlefield? Fear no more. Now you can ask directions in Old English. With this class, you can learn all the important phrases for your visit to Merry Olde England. Learn where to shop and join in the fun at the feast hall. With phrases like, "my stomach feels like a wet otter" and "you move like a wounded ostrich," you're sure to have the best vacation in history. Hand-outs.

So You Want to Make Glass Beads

Isibél inghean uí Bheólláin

11:30-12:30, Meeting Room 1

An introduction to the tools, supplies and what you need to get to start making glass beads. This is an information only class because of the inside nature of it there will be no torch work being done. I will have most of my equipment and supplies with me for people to see and check out.

Glass Bead Making 102

Isibél inghean uí Bheólláin

1:00-2:00, Meeting Room 1

In this class we will take the next steps towards creating a lampwork bead. Starting with how to get that base on the mandrel to adding some very simple yet period style decorations.

Press-Casting Items in Clay

Aldís Trøndelag

2:00-3:00, Meeting Room 1

OMG! I just volunteered to make site tokens for my first event. What was I thinking? They want **HOW MANY** of these things? Where do I even start? Participants will have the opportunity to walk through the process of making ceramic site tokens using bisque ceramic press molds starting with the process of making the original model, then creating molds, and strategies for production to make the most of the time and materials that you have.

16th Century Detached Buttonhole Embroidered Cornflowers

Catherine Grace Fitzlewis

3:00-4:00, Meeting Room 1

This class is for any skill of embroiderer from complete novice to more advanced, as detached buttonhole needle lace is achievable with a few basic and simple stitches that will be taught in this hands on class.  You will be taught step by step how to make a corn flower sampler, that you will be able to take home with you, including all the necessary linen, embroidery floss, embroidery hoops, and handouts to keep you working after the class. 8 students, $4 per kit, including an embroidery hoop, embroidery floss, linen, and needle. Extra handouts will be available for those that do not wish to work on a sampler during class. (Older children that are able to sit and work quietly through the class, and can follow instructions are welcome to join us.)

Book Bindings in Period

Isobel Muire

4:00-5:00, Meeting Room 1

We will survey the different styles of binding books that have been found in period, from simple wood board covers with leather spines to elaborate jeweled masterpieces that, at their heart, accomplish the same purpose, holding the codex together for the easy use of its owner. Limit 15.

Norse / Viking Food

Tilla Chandler

10:30-11:30, Meeting Room 2

Learn what the Vikings ate or didn't eat and why. Information on foodstuff has been gleaned from archaeological digs and sagas.

Combat Archery 101

Appolonia von Wurttemberg

11:30-12:30, Meeting Room 2

This class is designed to be informative to all combatants on the field, not just those interested in becoming combat archers. We will give an introduction to rules, safety on the field, and tactics.

Thrown Weapons Marshal Training

Mary Garret of Seasalter & Eirik the Elder

1:00-2:00, Meeting Room 2

This class will cover how to set up a range and range safety issues. Limit: 12 participants

Intro to Commedia

Eion Drake, Celia LeFleur, and Edward Foxley

2:00-3:00, Meeting Room 2

Join us in an introduction to the history of Commedia dell'Arte and an overview of the Masks used for the different characters -- who are they? How do they all fit into the commedia tradition? Join us for improv games and get a taste of what it is to think on your toes in zany situations!

Commedia dell'Arte, Making the Masks

Eion Drake

3:00-4:00, Meeting Room 2

Join Eoin Drake as he delves deeper into the masks of Commedia themselves. We will discuss various techniques, materials, and tools used in their construction.

European Dance

Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli and Edward Foxley

4:00-5:00, Meeting Room 2

Let's have some fun and learn a few of the popular dances done in the Barony. The actual dances taught will depend on how many people come to the class but could include English Country, Bransles, Reels, Progression dances, Posties Jig (of course), and others. Please wear comfortable shoes and garb you can move around in.

3 Rus Coats, 1 Pattern

Dovoryanka Kashka Mokosheva

10:30-11:30, Classroom E

A look at how to make 3 basic Rus coats off of the same base pattern. We'll discuss how to create the pattern, what materials would be appropriate for each coat, what each is used for, and the differences that make each a little different from the others.

Bobbin Lace

Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli

11:30-12:30, Classroom E

This is a beginner's bobbin lace class for those that haven't made lace before or who are just starting out. We will talk briefly about the history of bobbin lace, but the majority of the class will be spent teaching the basic stitches and letting people try out lace making. Experienced lacers are invited to bring their pillows and work on their projects in class. Limit: 3 people to try lace at a time, but people are welcome to come to observe.

Introduction to Coining

Konrad Mailander

1:00-2:00, Classroom E

2:00-5:00, Classroom E, Open Work time

Overview of making the punches and dies needed, and then how to stamp coins. The class is one hour and the rest of the afternoon will be an open workshop to give people hands on time.

A Round Table on Heavy/Rapier Crossover Melee Tactics

Geneviefve de Chenonceaux

4:00-5:00, Classroom F

Rarely do heavies and rapier fighters get to talk tactics together. This will be an open round table looking at large and small scale melee tactics that can be used on both the heavy list and rapier list. I would like to invite all heavy and rapier fighters to join and share the knowledge that they have. We will discuss the differences in rule sets between the two and how both the similarities and difference can be used on opposite fields. We will also discuss long standing tactics on both sides and how they have been implemented on the opposite field.

Rattan Sword Making

Ustad Hasan al Hajjii

10:30-11:30, Classroom G

We will cover making period style rattan weapons - construction, care and feeding of period representations of real medieval weapons in rattan weapons smithing, creating weapons to fit time, culture, and realistic weapon look and feel.

Wooden Shield Construction

Ustad Hasan al Hajjii

11:30-12:30, Classroom G

We will cover how to make inexpensive, light weight and durable wooden shields, from simple to pas d'arms quality.

Spinning Straw into Gold -- Creating Linen Thread

Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn

1:00-2:00, Classroom G

Flax is possibly the oldest fiber that was used for weaving cloth. Let's look at how we can take processed flax fibers and turn them into linen thread. Please bring along your favorite spinning implement and a distaff, if you have one.

Cooking with Kids

Bronwyn ní Mhaithon

2:00-3:00, Classroom G

We will discuss food safety, skills that kids have at what age and examples of how kids can help in the kitchen.

Beginning Sewing

Appolonia von Wurttemberg

3:00-4:00, Classroom G

Come learn the basics of sewing. This class is designed for absolute beginners.

Arranging the Meal

Bronwyn ní Mhaithon

4:00-5:00, Classroom G

How to put together a modern medieval menu using the french method of service (the bring it all at once to the table method).

The Anglo-Norse: Who Were THese People?

10:30-11:30, Parlor

Learn about the kingdoms, tribes, and class structures of the Anglo-Norse

Anglo-Norse Clothing

11:30-12:30, Parlor

We will contrast and compare clothing within the cultures and classes of the Anglo-Norse.

Anglo-Norse Accessories

1:00-2:00, Parlor

Beads, jewelry, pouches, headgear, shoes, belt/broach tools, etc. What are the little details that make the Anglo-Norse outfit complete?

Anglo-Norse Feast Gear and Food

2:00-3:00, Parlor

We will discuss differences in seasonal foods, food preservation, class divisions, and culture differences in the food the Anglo-Norse ate and what they may have eaten it from.

The Mead Hall/Anglo-Norse Pastimes

3:00-5:00, Parlor

An insight to the make-up of a typical Anglo-Norse Mead Hall and the activities found therein.

Pies and Pasties

Alizaundre de Brebeuf

1:00-2:00, Kitchen

How to make wonderful pastry- based food without going broke or crazy. We will cover hand and machine pastry making, using period recipes that taste fantastic!

Running a Roman Soup Stall

Alizaundre de Brebeuf

2:00-4:00, Kitchen

How to make fantastic soups for a pittance, provide immense variety for every diet and taste, and profit from it.

How to Make a Continuous Loop Bowstring

Rask Ulfbjorn

11:00-12:00, Merchant Booth, Lobby

Learn how to make a jig in order to wind a Continuous Loop Bowstring. Also, learn how to properly serve the string before using it.

How to make a Flemish twist bowstring

Rask Ulfbjorn

1:00-2:00, Merchant Booth, Lobby

Learn how to make a Flemish Twist bowstring, and how to adjust the length of the string, if it needs to be adjusted.

Introduction to Playing the Recorder

Victoria of High Harrogate

10:30-11:30, Main Hall, Children's Area

This class will introduce students to reading simple music, teach the first five notes, and attempt three songs on the alto recorder along with a brief introduction to the history of the recorder. Max: 8 childen (age 8 and older) will receive a plastic recorder to keep, younger students may have a kazoo or play recorder to keep. Fees: Suggested donation of $2 to cover the recorder and printed music.

Japanese Four Hole Book Binding (children's edition)

Isobel Muire

11:30-12:30, Main Hall, Children's Area

We'll do the prep work, and the children will be able to sew together a notebook in the style used by Japanese children over the centuries. Limit 10, fee $2

Youth Combat Q & A and Youth Foam Sword Construction

Sven of Havenholde

1:00-2:00, Main Hall, Children's Area

For both interested youth and their parents! Learn how to create Youth Weapons and Armor, and have your questions about Youth Combat answered -- all at the same time! (Some materials for armor construction will be available.)

Beginning Calligraphy

Victoria of High Harrogate

2:00-3:00, Main Hall, Children's Area

After a brief introduction to calligraphy and some of its uses, students will use age appropriate materials to have a go at learning how to form thick and thin lines and progress to writing in a simple period calligraphy style. Class Max: 10 participants. Prerequisites: Must be able to write their name (with modern tools)

Beginning Illumination

Victoria of High Harrogate

3:00-4:00, Main Hall, Children's Area

Students will be introduced to the SCA tradition of decorating scrolls, layout, and the use of some common terms. They will then get a chance to paint some typical boarder examples. If time allows, students can move on to doing an illuminated letter. Max: 9. Prerequisites: Must be able to control a writing utensil.


MIC Sir Boris Movila

10:30-11:30, Main Hall, Stage

List open for sparring or authorizations

Secondary Authorizations: The difference between Safety, Proficiency, and Mastery

Sgt. Edward Foxley

11:30-12:30, Main Hall, Stage

SCA Soldier Class

Sir Boris Movila

1:00-2:00, Main Hall, Stage

A class for beginning SCA fighters to learn about melee tactics and strategy in a classroom environment.

Melee Techniques Practice

[Group Practice]

2:00-3:00, Main Hall, Stage

Free time for fighters to specifically drill with each other on melee fighting techniques. Sword and Shield vs. Spear, Shield Charges, Fighting Multiple Opponents.

Iron Ring and Aggressive Shield Techniques

Syr Ustad `the Dreaded` Hasan al Hajjii

3:00-4:00, Main Hall, Stage

Painting with Two Colors that aren't Red and Blue

Soffya von Kulpe

10:30-11:30, Library

There are plenty of period manuscripts that are done in a minimal palette, but it's almost always red and blue! We will look at exemplars that are completely authentic but can be done in non-primary colors to give them some pop in that stack of scrolls for the court list. Bring your scribal supplies if you have any.

Make Your Own Quill Pen

Eirik the Elder and Leah of Wycombe

11:30-1:00, Library

(For adults only - Using XACTO sharp blades) Eric the Elder and Leah of Wycombe will show you how to cut and shape large turkey, goose and duck feathers to create a quill pen for calligraphy. We will then experiment writing on paper with ink to see how they work! Cost $1.00 About 10 and on-lookers welcome.

No Paints, No Brushes, No Problem!

Astrid Feilan

1:00-2:00, Library

Taking advantage of the adult coloring book craze, this class is for everyone who has ever said they can't do illumination because they can't draw a straight line. I've drawn all the lines for you, come color some drawings inspired by period manuscripts.

Twists & Bends: Ornamented Celtic Lettering

Fritha Karadottir

2:00-3:00, Library

Smile at life's twists and bends by adding flair to your words. Come learn the art of the ornamented Celtic letter.

Scribal Arts as a Service (It's not as scary as you think it is!)

Aminah al-yazici bint Ismail

3:00-4:00, Library

Curious about scribal arts bit intimidated or not sure where to start? Being a scribe doesn't have to be scary! Come learn about basic supplies, techniques, and design. Some hands on possible, time permitting.